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Message of the President

It is a matter of great honour for me to be the President of Lahore High Court Bar Association, the premier Bar of this country. I and my team is here to take the torch of justice and freedom of the Bar one step ahead towards our shared destination. We believe that law must be the tribune of justice and not an instrument of power to dispossess and dominate people. This objective is achievable only through the independence of the Bench and the Bar. This conceptual clarity has led the Bar to act as an independent entity undertaking policy critique, upholding democratic values and supporting fundamental freedoms. The legal fraternity has ever struggled hard to make this noble ideal an everyday experience and the Lahore High Court Bar Association, has a unique position that has very few domestic parallels. 

Collective dreams, however, can be made into a reality with collective struggle spearheaded by the peoples' forces setting the powers of tyranny, injustice and exploitation to flight. And this can only be achieved through the concerted political struggle of the people, with full expression of just objectives. In this transitional democracy, there is still a need to unequivocally articulate our total rejection of anti-people and anti-democracy forces that still run through the justice system which was originally put in place as a colonial structure of subjugation, domination and dispossession. We firmly believe that only the collective struggle of the legal fraternity can transform the soul and skeleton of this congealed justice system to reflect and respond to the genuine aspirations of the people. With a vision to set a direction for the systemic cleansing of elite-led justice system, we are striving to ensure an independent, responsive and pro-people Bar.
I am extremely fortunate to have an ideal team comprising of Mr. Kabir Ahmad Ch. Vice President, Mr. Fiaz Ahmad Ranjha Secretary and Mr. Anser Jamil Gujjar Finance Secretary. They are men of dignity, dedication and devotion to achieve the socio-political equilibrium in the society. We welcome you to the website of the Lahore High Court Bar Association. A few clicks of your mouse will reveal a lot more information about this Bar. We tried our best to make this website user-friendly to provide information about us, our home, hopes and aspirations. We hope you will find the site meaningfully informative. 
Your valuable comments and suggestions are warmly welcomed.
Greetings from the President, Lahore High Court Bar Association.